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Increasingly, in single-family houses or apartments, open kitchens connected with the living area are made. Islands are also fashionable, but they require more space and are still much more expensive. Both solutions give the effect of spaciousness, and the integration of the kitchen with the dining room or the living room additionally increases the available space optically. When it comes to furniture colors, different shades of white and gray are still popular. Light, natural wood will visibly warm our kitchen, while black and its derivatives will make it more elegant. The fronts of the cabinets can be smooth, paneled, or decorated, and maintained in mat, semi-mat, satin or gloss. Each of these solutions automatically influences the character of the kitchen, defining it as modern, retro, industrial or rustic.


The device of an ergonomic, functional and nice bathroom is not an easy matter. A properly designed bathroom is a bathroom that is friendly to household members. When designing, you should properly place bathroom devices such as a bathtub, a cabin or a washbasin, choose the colors, properly arrange bathroom lighting and choose bathroom accessories and accessories.
A properly designed and decorated bathroom will enjoy you for a long time, and the versatility of the design allows you to change the style and decor at a low cost, in line with current trends.
When planning a bathroom in the attic, we cannot only focus on the size of the floor, which determines the total area. The height of the knee wall on which the roof is based, its shape and the angle of inclination are very important. The higher the wall and the steeper the slope, the larger the room will be and the larger the standing height will be.


The bedroom is a place from which we expect peace, relaxation and intimacy. It should be the most “our” room in the house, because we don’t have to brag about it, and our guests should rarely visit it. Therefore, the arrangement of the bedroom is an extremely individual matter.
The bedroom is a private space for relaxation, so it should be comfortably furnished. The bedroom should have a comfortable and appropriately sized bed with easy access to it. This room can have a TV set if you like watching movies before going to bed. It is worth remembering about a table with a comfortable armchair, next to which you can read books or play solitaire. If we do not have a separate bathroom next to the bedroom, it is good to arrange a toilet corner in it.


It is not without reason that it is said that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and the hall is its showpiece …
The hall is a showcase of every house and flat. Its modern and functional space will significantly facilitate the use of this room, making a good impression on both the household members and the guests visiting us. It is worth carefully planning its arrangement and the furniture and accessories used. In addition to spacious wardrobes and chests of drawers for storage, it will be good to opt for lighting that will facilitate their use and an interesting finish of the walls, adding attractiveness to the entire room.

Kids room

Kids room
The children’s kingdom has its own rules and is definitely different from the adult world. Your child’s perfect room should allow for them development, relaxation and fun.
A child’s room is a unique place for exceptional people. To be functional and at the same time friendly to tenants, it must fully meet children’s needs.
In the case of older children, there are also appropriate conditions for studying and doing homework, as well as receiving guests.

Living room

No matter what size your living room is, you can paint it with deep shades of paint. Thanks to them, a large room will become warmer and cozier, while giving a small one a fascinating character. However, dark colors require the company of light contrasting shades. Their presence allows you to maintain a balance, soften the power of intense colors, and thus add lightness to the interior.
Any glistening and shiny surfaces that diffuse light illuminating the space are also well seen. The original idea is to introduce details in bold colors that will even pop out of a dark background. But remember about moderation. Also, try to avoid a large number of patterns that could additionally burden the arrangement.


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